Süd­deut­sche Zei­tung

The orchestra cultivated the respective interpretations, launched passionate fireworks of joie de vivre on the stage, as well as a soft musical cushion of sound …

During all the Allegro parts of this concert one had the impression that the [BBO] "rocked" the Kurfürstensaal. The groove that the baroque music displayed here was so strong that the audience was immediately carried away.

Han­no­ver­sche All­ge­mei­ne

This was not the only time that BBO captured the audience. Even the “Follia” variations, a mix of baroque hits dedicated to madness by various composers, had already developed their rousing effect. Jeez, it was all there: an enchanting guitar intro, a wild dance, violin passages played at lightning speed and powerfully, a cello groove to rock along with.

… Towards the end of the concert the solo violinist Tamoe Badiarova once again seemed to perform with great skill and masterfully play the highest levels of difficulty in the now raging winter storm. With surging, sustained applause and shouts of bravo, the audience admiringly showed what they thought of this performance.

Weser Kurier

[Georg Muffats] Ciacona introduced a “grave”, performed with great sensitivity and fullness of expression. By means of rhythmic conciseness, as well as serenely guided, harmonious lines entwined with extremely artistically designed ornamentation, the orchestra formed enchanting kaleidoscopic soundscapes …

The Bremen orchestra achieved real highlight with the second half of the concert … the passionate musical performance expressed unbridled pleasure, serenity and exuberance …


The audience showed […] their outspoken enthusiasm through frenetic applause, stamping feet and standing ovations.

Weser Kurier

This time, too, the young musicians [of the BBO] captivated the audience from the beginning with their harmonious interplay and effective phrasing. The initial improvisation, with its swinging character, could well have ushered into a pop concert, but it ended seamlessly with Rebel's “La Terpsicore” …

Weser Kurier

The ensemble, which was founded in 2015, not only has audibly profound knowledge of the baroque style of music and an impeccable technique, but it also has a homogeneous sound that never loses the transparency of chamber music through mutual, attentive listening to one another.


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