“Sim­pli­cis­si­mus” − A baro­que Owl Mir­ror

With various works of the early and late baroque, the Bremer Barockorchester exhibits the diverse sound and vividness of ensemble music from the 17th century, an era characterized by political turmoil and hostile conflicts.

The Austrian composer H.I.F. von Biber and Swabian composer Speer created worlds that were practically "exotic" for the time; by setting Hungarian or Greek dances, mighty battles and funeral songs to music.

Furthermore, jester's tales, assorted animal sounds and altogether a world of sound can be heard, which seems to be ahead of its time through the use of numerous unusual playing techniques.

Among others with works by Dani­el Speer (1636-1707), Hein­rich Ignaz Franz von Biber (1644-1704) and Johann Hein­rich Schmel­zer (1623-1680)


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