“The Devil’s Vio­li­nist” − Vio­li­no Furio­so

In this program, the Bremer Barockorchester presents virtuoso compositions from the baroque Italian violin school. Together with the soloist, the ensemble follows in the footsteps of the composer and violinist Giuseppe Tartini, who was known as the "devil's violinist" during his lifetime. Tartini claimed to have encountered Lucifer in a dream and thus inspired to write one of his daring compositions. Concluding the program with Concerti Grossi in the tradition of Arcangelo Corelli, the grandmaster of the forefathers of the Italian orchestral practice.

Fea­turing works by Giu­sep­pe Tar­ti­ni (1692-1770), Jean-Marie Lec­lair (1697-1764), and Eva­ris­to Feli­ce Dall'Abaco (1675-1742)

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