The stor­ming Aeo­lus − Vir­tuo­so Baro­que music for recor­der and orches­tra

In this extraordinary program, Dorothee Oberlinger and the BBO present late Baroque music, such as the famous flute concerto “La Notte” by Antonio Vivaldi and works by G.Ph. Telemann, as well as music from the 16th century.

The soloist and ensemble explore the world of baroque flute music, while presenting works from all over Europe that continue to virtuosically outdo each other, but also skilfully showcase the cantabile nature of the baroque flute.

Inclu­ding works by Ales­san­dro Mar­cel­lo (1673-1747), Georg Phil­ipp Tele­mann (1681-1767) and Anto­nio Vival­di (1678-1741)

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