Music for the Kings − The music of the famous court com­po­sers in Lon­don and Ver­sailles

In this concert, the Bremer Barockorchester transport the audience into the world of musical theater, combining works from French and English composers.

In England, during the second half of the 17th century, the musical style of its European neighbors on the opposite side of the English Channel was particularly fashionable. Therefore, some French attributes found their way into the dramatic music of composers such as Henry Purcell. With Purcell’s compositions, he shaped the musical life of London and was responsible for the dawn of a new era in theatrical English music. This program features French compositions by the musicians of Louis XIV, who, beginning with Jean-Baptiste Lully, had no small merit in the Europe-wide and centuries-long brilliance of the Versailles court.

Lully, a young dancer and musician, became one of the founders of the French baroque opera. Its characteristic overture became his trademark, the magnificent style of composition equivalent with the splendor of the Sun King.

Fea­turing, among others, works by J. B. Lul­ly (1632-1687)
and H. Pur­cell (1659-1695)


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